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General rules for wearing binders:

Choosing a binder

It is always important to choose the correct size, so you'll have to measure yourself according to the tables provided by the manufacturer. They are provided for instance by GC2B and Spectrum Outfitters also. An incorrect size could cause you serious harm. If you happen to fit in between sizes, it is recommended to choose the bigger one.

Experiences with brands:

If you're looking for a cheaper variant and can't afford these more expensive ones, there are many other options, but it would be good to make a research first and especially be careful about binders that use the same clips that bras use. Those are not recommended due to their wrongly spread compression causing health problems.


Using tape is basically time unlimited. It can last even several days, because it doesn't wrap the whole chest around, but only partially, so it doesn't cause compression all around the chest and doesn't restrict your ribs and breathing. The only problem is that the effect is not as good as with a binder and you'll probably won't achieve the same result, especially if you have a larger chest. It's also not comfortable for everyone, but some prefer it.

Experiences with brands:

It is good to watch some YouTube tutorials about how to use the tape correctly to prevent early peeling or scratches from taking it off, when it's sometimes necessary to use some kind of an oil and avoid doing it dry.

Tips: if you don't have the option to buy a binder or tapes, the best alternative are sport bras. You can take two of them and wear them over each other (sometimes it works better if the second one is reversed - front side on the back, makes for better compression). And for an even better effect, choose some tight shirt/tank top, which also helps with better compression.

Do not use bandages for binding. Those can be very dangerous and damage your ribs. Bind safely!