Here lies the rest of the JsemTrans nonprofit. We tried, we didn't make it. Hopefully information contained here will prove useful to you.

Trans rights are human rights

Unfortunately this motto is still very necessary today.

And worst of all, over the last two or three years, things have been getting worse. We don't want to be another target, as abortions have been in Poland. We must fight for our rights.

We are Trans and we are proud

Being trans isn't easy in the slightest. Still, we fight every single day for the right to live our mundane lives. Pride is important and it gives us strength to continue. Supporting each other is the only way to survive.

On this website, you will find a ton of useful information, which has thus far only spread by word of mouth among trans people. Free access to information will help even those trans people, who are not involved in the queer community. Knowing the right people shouldn't be a requirement for access to necessary medical care and other tips, on how to bypass our medieval system.